Bike Temecula Challenge

I wanted to kick off the new year with a little challenge. We all seem to love competition, so let’s do this! My challenge to you is simple…drive less this year than you did last year. Pretty simple, right? We don’t drive as much as we did just a few years ago, but we still could improve. Living in the suburbs poses a few problems, but I think with a well thought out plan we can achieve our family driving goal of under 3,000 miles this year.

How are we going to do it? 3,000 seems like a small number. That equals a little over 8 miles a day. That seems more manageable. Most of our trips in Temecula are under 10 or so miles round trip. I’m thinking if we choose to ride our bikes or walk several days a week this should be an easy goal to achieve.

I’m going to post up my trips by bike and car weekly. You should do the same.

To kick things off I have reset the trip odometer in our car and mapped out our most popular destinations to help me log our bike miles. So far our longest one way roundtrip destination is just under 9 miles.

Our goal this year is to choose the best vehicle for the job. Sometimes it will be a car and other times it will be a bike.

This morning I did 4 miles on my bike to get some milk and bread from Great Harvest.

Car miles 0.

Let’s go!

Morning Bread at Great harvest

5 Responses to “Bike Temecula Challenge”
  1. I came here from Family Ride. We’ve been carfree since 2009, except for 1 month of a rented minivan when moving last April. It’s lovely!

    Your challenge reminds me of Sarah Gilbert’s talk at Ignite Portland 5. Here is here post on UrbanMama’s about it with the video of her meditation embedded. Enjoy!

  2. Andrew says:

    Our new goal is to spend no more than $500 each year on petrol (gas) for our car. As petrol gets more expensive, this means we can drive less and less each year to stay within our quota.

    I’ve set a goal to ride at least 1500km this year too, and to get a cargo bike.

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  1. […] after all the driving yesterday and I’m taking part in my Twitter friend, Zak Schwank’s Bike Temecula Challenge, which is open to riders not fortunate enough to reside in sunny Southern California any more 🙂 […]

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