Weekend Trips and Tracking

This weekend we biked and drove. Saturday we drove to the farmers market in Old Town Temecula. Everyone wanted to go, so we decided to drive. Getting the entire family down to old town isn’t impossible, but time constraints made driving the right choice for Saturday morning.

After getting our veggie on we headed home and my daughter and I rode to her gymnastics class. After her class we grabbed some more groceries on our way home. I’ve been trying to combine trips as much as possible. A little more planning…not much.

Later that afternoon I had a meeting…solo ride time! After our meeting I rode to old town to get tickets for the musical Annie on Sunday. Time to head home and call it a day.

Sunday we just chilled until around 1:00 in the afternoon. The matinee of Annie was at 2:00. An hour gives us plenty of time to ride at a mellow pace to old town. It ended up taking us just over 20 minutes. Yes we like to arrive early. After the show we headed home.

We saw quite a few people riding bikes in and around Old Town Temecula. Saw a dad and his two kids, several roadies, and a few commuters. Since there is no bike parking near the theater we just parked it in the patio area in front of the theater. Talked to a few people who were interested in cargo bikes. It’s such a novelty here.

All in all this was anther great weekend.

Weekend Bike Miles: 28

Total Car Miles Year to Date: 32.5

I’m not going to detail all of our car trips. At this point I’ve rambled long enough.

Bike Parking at Old Town Community Theater

Rising Moon

Hope everyone has a great week!


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