Week 3 Mileage

Driving, driving, and more driving! This week was a mess. Monday and Tuesday were normal for us, but Tuesday night my wife got sick…which meant riding all three of my kids in our cargo bike to school was out. It’s not impossible…it’s just difficult. I opted to drive that morning. I did pick my daughter up from school with our cargo bike and rode all three kids home. The ride home is somewhat easier. We made a pit stop at Great Harvest, which makes the ride home bearable. Wednesday night I got whatever my wife had, so she had to take the day off and drive kids to school, gymnastics, and more school. I think she drove 28 miles on Thursday. If I was healthy I would have biked 24 of those miles. Friday was pretty normal. Everyone was getting better. We had our bike train ride that morning. That was all the riding we did on Friday. Saturday it rained and I didn’t feel like riding in the rain. I think I need some decent rain pants. Last time I rode in the rain my pants were soaked. No thank you! I’ll drive. Today we headed over to Harveston and again opted to drive. I think if we were all feeling a little better we might have ridden, but we needed to make another stop that required us to cross over the freeway. Crossing the freeway is not fun by bike. Harveston though…is fun on a bike. I lost count of all the bikes. All kinds of people riding. It’s a really mellow part of town where people feel safe riding.

Look Mom!! No lycra.

Total car miles for the week: 87.8

Total miles year to date: 174.4

I learned this week that we have a long way to go to drop our dependence on our car.


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