Week 4 Mileage

Man these weeks are just buzzing past! Can’t believe it is almost February. This week seemed to go as planned. I rode a ton and drove very little. One thing I keep noticing while we are out and about is how many more people are riding bikes. A lot are still on the sidewalk and going against the flow, but there really are quite a few people who are riding bikes in the suburbs. I think as infrastructure improves and more people choose bikes, that the sidewalk riders might feel a bit safer and join us out in the bike lane.

Another thing I notice is the huge lack of bike parking. We are working with local government to add racks, but we really need businesses to step up and provide bike parking. A bike rack is a small investment that will pay for itself in no time. From what I understand the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce is starting a bike parking program. They plan on working with businesses to get bike racks installed. I met up with a few people on Saturday morning to highlight the fact that the chamber building has a bike rack. I have a few businesses in mind that I really hope they add a rack.

Where’s the rack?

Would love to see a bike rack out here.

Being slightly obsessed with bike parking and parking in general I tend to get annoyed when people park cars in places they shouldn’t. Like this fella.

This is not a parking space.

This shopping center has ample parking, but people park on the sidewalk. Why? Are we that lazy that walking a couple hundred feet is impossible? Are we that egocentric that we think this is acceptable? Do you notice parking issues like I do?

Total car miles for the week: 48.6

Total car miles year to date: 223.0

Have a nice week.


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