Week 5 Mileage

This week was an amazing week for biking in Temecula. We held our first ever bike train at Ysabel Barnett Elementary. It was a huge first ride! I counted a total of 124 bikes at school after the ride! Many parents and volunteers rode as well as Temecula Mayor Chuck Washington. Lots of smiles were had that day, but one parent’s comment made my week. “Last night, she washed her bike.” Kids were really excited to get the opportunity to ride their bikes. Great things are headed to Temecula on the bike front.

Check out this article from The Californian and this one from the Press Enterprise. Seriously…check them out.

It was also a great week for The Schwanks…we have a new cargo bike! Our Metrofiets arrived on Tuesday and boy are we excited!

Shopping in Old Town Temecula

This was us after hitting the local farmers market in Old Town Temecula. We got quite a few questions about our bike. People that I see when we are out, like the idea of riding a bike for transportation. I think we will see a few more cargo bikes in Temecula very soon.

For the longest time I thought I was the only cargo bike in town, but this past week I met someone who uses a Big Dummy as a commuter. I was stoked to meet a fellow cargo biker!

Total car miles for the week: 66.6

Total car miles year to date: 289.7

Have a great week!

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