Week 6 Mileage

We had another solid biking week here in Temecula. Not sure on our bike miles, but they were easily over 100 miles this week. Some great bike centric events took place this week as well. The City of Temecula hosted the first ever Bike Rodeo. The event was part of the City of Temecula’s Family Fun Nights program. It really was a fun night. We had approximately 100 kids come out and learn safe biking practices in a fun setting. The event was organized in part by The Bike Shop with volunteers from various local groups including Temecula Velo and Meadowview Mountain Goats. All in all we had quite a few people take time out of their Friday night to volunteer. I have to hand it to the bike community…they really throw their support behind great events and this was one of them.

These bikes are a great way for kids to learn to ride.

A volunteer backs a car from a driveway to teach kids safe practices when riding on streets.

I want to thank the City of Temecula for embracing a bike event here in town and giving us the opportunity to showcase the need for more events like this one. Great bike things are coming our way. Stay tuned!

Our bike trains have been going strong as well. The Ysabel Barnett train had its second ride last Thursday and we had just as many kids and parents as the first week. Over 100 kids and many parents rode with us to school! Paloma’s bike train saw lots of new faces this week too. I think with warmer weather on the horizon we will start seeing more smiling faces on our bike trains. If you would like to follow our bike trains or join us for a ride check out our facebook page for the latest information.

Another fun event coming to our area is the Tour de Murrieta Kids Race. They also have a facebook page you might want to check out if you are interested in participating. I will try and get some flyers to hand out in the coming weeks.

On a personal note…we rode to the mall on Sunday to catch a movie. After looking for bike parking for a while I gave up and locked my bike to a light pole. When we exited the movie we walked smack into a couple bike racks. Don’t know how I missed them. I would really like to see more signage for bike racks. Seems like they are always tucked away in some corner with little or no signage. We need to let people know they have an option other than a light pole.

Total car miles for week: 74.1

Total car miles year to date: 363.9


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