Week 8, 9, and 10 Mileage

The last three weeks have been a blur. Not sure why…

Week 8 saw us drive 127.3 miles for the week. That gave us a yearly total of 535.0 miles.

Week 9 we drove 62.6 miles for the week. That edged us up to 597.7 miles for the year.

Week 10 we drove to Solana Beach to hang out with @familyride and @Alternabike.

We tried out a few sweet cargo bikes and let the kiddos play in the shop. If you are ever in San Diego hit up Velo Hanger.

We ended up having to drive down to Solana Beach. Round trip mileage was 100. Sure wish we had light rail to San Diego or at the very least better bus service.

Velo Hanger is a very cool bike shop.

On Thursday I had the chance to tour Temecula City Hall. This room has the ability to monitor traffic. The City of Temecula has 160 cameras that help them assess traffic.

This screen can monitor traffic from up to 160 cameras within the city.

I also was pleased to see bike parking at Home Depot. This is great!

Not every trip to Home Depot requires a truck.

Paper or plastic? We choose wood. 😉

Shopping by bike.

Total car miles for week 10: 207.3

Total car miles year to date: 805.0

2 Responses to “Week 8, 9, and 10 Mileage”
  1. Steven Vance says:

    I like the look of that bike shop.

    When the City of Temecula monitors traffic, what are they doing in response to what they assess?

    Demand better bike racks at Home Depot. Did you notice how that bike rack holds two bicycles yet takes up space that could hold 10 bicycles?

  2. zakschwank says:

    It used to be a auto shop. They still have the vehicle lifts in there. Converted them to tables. Pretty cool!

    I don’t have all the details on how they use that system. They did mention that they use it to double check complaints about traffic from citizens.

    That rack is a mess, but it’s way better than the old wood sign I would lock my bike to in the past. Every time I’ve been there bikes are only locked to the ends. I’ll point that out to them next time I’m there.

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