Week 15 Mileage

Have you seen the new bike bridge over the Santa Gertrudis Creek? Really loving this bridge already. We often ride to Harveston and now we have a much safer route! No more trying to merge through two lanes of traffic just to make a left turn into Harveston. You can access this bridge directly from the bike path that runs along Santa Gertrudis Creek. Roripaugh Road connects with it on the south and Margarita Road on the north. The bridge itself is plenty wide for bikes to pass each other, but the sidewalk leading up to Margarita Road is quite narrow. I had to stop the other day and let some people walking pass. It’s just too tight. This was our first trip over the bridge.

This past week in Temecula we saw a little bit of rain. People often tell me that if it rains they’d be more than happy to give us a ride, in their car, if we needed to go anywhere. Well it turns out that you can actually ride your bike in the rain and it is quite fun! We had soccer on Wednesday and it was raining…no worries!

Our Metrofiets came with this great rain cover made by Blaq. This thing is amazing! The kids are dry and cozy. It even keeps me kinda dry. My hands stay dry, but my legs got a little wet. I think it’s time to invest in a rain cape or some nice waterproof pants.

On Saturday I got the chance to ride with my daughter. She had a haircut appointment across town, so we grabbed our bikes and headed out. When my kids ride their own bikes I try and stay on residential streets. Getting across town can be challenging with all the cul de sacs, but given the speed and lack of bike lanes in spots on Margarita Road it’s best to stick to residential streets…even if it takes longer.

We did really well this week on our car miles.

Total car miles for week 15: 50.9

Total car miles year to date: 1242.2

One more thing…there are some of us that would like to start a monthly ride to the farmers market in Old Town Temecula on Saturday. If you are interested let me know. Bike Temecula’s facebook page will have more up to the minute information regarding these types of things. Check it out if you want to join us.


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