Week 16 Mileage

This week’s theme is bike parking and car (not where you should be) parking.

On Saturday I headed for the farmers market in Old Town Temecula. I’ve been seeing more and more people on bikes in old town. Bike parking that rarely has one bike in it now have two regularly. I hope people, especially businesses, are paying attention to this. I will pass over a business if they lack bike parking and frequent businesses that offer bike parking.

Bike Parking in Old Town Temecula

Speaking of businesses that currently don’t offer bike parking. Lowes in Temecula doesn’t have bike parking, but every time I pass by I typically see bikes locked to the cart return rack. I spoke with their corporate office, several weeks ago, and they put me in touch with the store manager. He assured me they would have a rack installed soon. As of today there still isn’t one. I’ll keep you posted.

Lowes in Temecula

Lowes in Temecula

Can you spot the third bike?

Moving on to car parking…let’s talk for a second on where you can and can’t park. You can park in a parking spot. You can’t park in the bike lane. Let me repeat that…you can not park in the bike lane. I’m constantly dodging cars parked or pulled over in the bike lane. I have enough to worry about without having to worry about cars parked in the bike lane. Please stop this.

Just the other day a driver pulled over to use their cell phone, awesome, right? Except that by pulling over and blocking the bike lane I had to merge with traffic going much faster than I was. Again…please stop this.

vehicle blocking the bike lane

Car parked in the bike lane.

Multiple cars parked in the bike lane.

I could post 486 photos here of this illegal activity, but I’ll spare you. Often people have a legal parking spot mere feet away. On my way past this park there were at least 4 parking spots available. Why not use them? Maybe they were full when they parked, but just because they were doesn’t give you the right to park illegally and put me in harms way. Please stop doing this.

I have an idea…if parking spots are few and far between you could always ride a bike. Then maybe you might understand things from a different perspective.

Total car miles for week 16: 63.5

Total car miles year to date: 1305.8

2 Responses to “Week 16 Mileage”
  1. Forrest says:

    I’m amazed to see the carbon Giant locked up like that, in the first photo. But I bet it’s owner had a much better day than he (or she) would have by car. It looks sunny in your pictures; I tell my friends a bike is like a convertible car, with no ceiling or walls to truncate the view or block the sun.

    • zakschwank says:

      It wasn’t the best lock job I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure they were just across the street at the farmers market. I saw them riding home when I was leaving the market. It’s been beautiful down here and I’ve been seeing more and more bikes.

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