Week 17 Mileage

We came really close to our mileage goal for the week. I’ve averaged our miles out for the year and we need to average around 58 miles a week. This week we drove 61.4 miles. I’m hoping that the nicer weather will get us on the bike more and out of the car. We did a ton of miles this week by bike, but unfortunately there are still places that really require a car. Especially traveling as a family of five. I’m really confident that an adult could go everywhere they needed to go in Temecula by bike. We really need to move beyond the experienced bicyclist can do it and focus on everyone. Wouldn’t it be something if you and your children could bike safely in Temecula. How can we do that given our car dominant infrastructure?

This week we had a horrible collision between a woman riding a bike and a man driving a large van. Details are conflicting, so I won’t speculate on how it happened. We do know it happened. It cannot happen again! I believe that as more people ride bikes that the overall safety of bike riders will increase. We will become more visible on the roads. People will begin to understand that bikes are allowed to ride in the road. The downside is that given our road design and speed limits will see more collisions like this one.

Various news articles have made it a point to mention that the unknown woman was not wearing a helmet. There is no mandatory helmet law in California for adults and adding this only takes away from the fact that she was hit by a huge van. We must focus on infrastructure that separates bicyclists from cars. It will not only make us safer, but more people will choose bikes because of this. The biggest deterrent for people choosing bikes is riding in traffic. I hear this everyday. “I would ride, but I’m not going to ride with all those speeding cars.”

So there you go. Unless we build bike specific infrastructure most people will keep on driving. More cars equal more traffic. More traffic equals worse air quality, time spent sitting in traffic, and decreased quality of life in Temecula.

I’m hoping this next year we will see the beginning of change here in Temecula. Some local advocates and I have an upcoming meeting with City of Temecula staff to discuss the next budget cycle and how it relates to biking and walking in Temecula. I will keep you posted.

While we are out I enjoy seeing bikes at our local schools. Some of you may know that I run Temecula Bike Train. Currently we have two elementary schools riding in weekly bike trains. If you would like to start a bike train at your school let me know. I would love to help.

Here are a few photos from our trips this week.

This bike is probably pretty safe given that it is right in front of a school office, but a couple seconds and a wrench and it’s gone. Always lock to your frame!

How not to lock a bike.

Not the best way to lock a bike.

There are times when a bicyclist may have to ride in traffic and not as far to the right as possible as many believe. California Vehicle Code 21202 actually states the opposite. There are many reasons a bike might be in the travel lane. Even my own family would complain about bikes being in their way. How can we as a driving public not know the rules of the road? I’ve even had police officers tell me I have to ride as far to the right as possible and I shouldn’t have been riding in the road. This needs to change!

Roadside Debris

Looks like Temecula Wine Country is getting their first roundabout. I haven’t been out there to see first hand what it will look like, but I’m hoping it will be an improvement. I believe that the biking component was removed to get the project under budget. Very shortsighted if indeed it was. I will be keeping us updated on all these projects in wine country as well.

Roundabout in Temecula Wine Country

Total car miles for week 17: 61.4

Total car miles year to date: 1367.3

Happy riding Temecula!


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