Week 18 Mileage

I feel like I drove to the moon and back this weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at the Idyllwild Spring Challenge. Rick from The Bike Shop volunteered me and I wasn’t about to turn it down. Idyllwild is about 50 miles from Temecula and is beautiful this time of year. I got to hang out and learn all about race timing and watch some really fast riders. I blinked and Tinker Juarez flew over the finish line.

On my way home I headed through Temecula Wine Country to check out the new roundabout. It looks like construction is almost finished. This will certainly help cyclists as the old four way stop was always packed with anxious cars.

Roundabout at Rancho California Road and Anza Road.

Unfortunately the roads around this roundabout are not very bike friendly. Temecula Wine Country is a gorgeous place to ride too. Wouldn’t it be great if Temecula Wine Country was a cycling tourist destination? I think so.

I also noticed a new sign in wine country.

This is a bad stretch of De Portola Road. As you can see the white line is the edge of the road. Not much room for bikes and vehicles. I’ve been buzzed quite a few times along De Portola Road. Often it is a large truck hauling a horse trailer. Wine country is home to many horse ranches as well as wineries.

I’m glad to see signs asking for people to share the road. I think we could go a step further and have signs that read “bikes allowed use of full lane” like CVC 21202 states.

My hope is that in time more and more of these roundabouts and signs will make riding a bike in Temecula Wine Country much more enjoyable. It really is some amazing riding ruined by speeding and careless drivers.

Total mikes for week 18: 188.0

Total miles year to date: 1555.4


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