Under Five Thousand Miles

This year I set a goal for our family to drive less than 3,000 miles in 2012. While we didn’t quite make our goal, we did come close. If you consider that public transit is horrible and family biking is almost nonexistent it’s pretty amazing that we didn’t rack up 10,000 + miles.


For 2013 I will set the same goal of 3,ooo miles. One oil change and tire rotation per year please. I think in order to meet that goal we will have to include a few bus trips this year.

This year did see a huge jump in biking to school. Paloma Elementary and Barnett Elementary both have active bike trains. I will keep pushing for better infrastructure in Temecula. Infrastructure really is the key to getting people on bikes. We’ve shown that there is a significant demand, now local leader need to allocate funds to make more bike trips possible.

Bike Friendly Temecula?

Bike Friendly Temecula?

Bike Parking at Paloma Elementary

Bike Parking at Paloma Elementary

If you would like to help us make Temecula and Riverside county a better place for people on bikes check out Temecula Velo and IEBA. Both organizations are working daily with local officials to make Temecula bike friendly.


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