Is Biking Only for the Able Bodied?

Of course it isn’t, but that doesn’t stop some people from framing biking as a leisure activity that only the most able bodied among us can participate. When I first started riding a bike it was due, in large part, to a couple of knee surgeries. I was an avid runner…if there is such a thing. When running and even walking became difficult, I turned to my old Schwinn bike hanging in the garage. From that first ride I quickly realized how nice it was to ride a bike. I enjoy riding for fitness, but most of my miles are transportation miles…meaning I’m riding to school, meetings, shops, breakfast and countless other destinations.

This is Frank. Frank rides his trike around Temecula for exercise and transportation. I see Frank most days as he rides past my home. His trike isn’t a leisure activity, but a necessity. Frank had a stroke several years ago and has a difficult time walking. He needs this trike and the access to our community it provides.

Frank rides his trike all over Temecula.

Frank rides his trike all over Temecula.

Frank isn’t alone. There are many people in our community that rely on bikes to get them to the destinations that matter to them. You just have to slow down and look around. They are there.

2 Responses to “Is Biking Only for the Able Bodied?”
  1. ladyfleur says:

    There are a number of people in my area on trikes. Most are over 80 years old which is such an inspiration. My mom is 82 and she can still a two-wheeler, but she has some balance issues that might make a trike easier for her before long.

    • zakschwank says:

      That’s just great that your mom still rides…two or three wheels. My mom has very bad knee issues, so walking is difficult for her. We need to find her a trike, so she can enjoy riding bikes with her grandkids. 🙂

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