Search Term Q&A

I thought it would be interesting to turn search terms that brought people to this blog into a question and answer post. “City of Temecula bicycle on sidewalk” was a recent search term someone used to reach this blog. So does the City of Temecula allow people to ride bicycles on the sidewalk? The answer to that is no.

The City of Temecula Municipal Code 10.24.030 Driving vehicles on sidewalks—Generally prohibited.

The text reads

Unless otherwise expressly allowed by another provision of this title or other applicable law, no person shall drive a vehicle (including any bicycle or unicycle) within any sidewalk area or parkway except at a permanent or temporary driveway. (Ord. 91-16 § 2 (12.08.454))

While I don’t enjoy riding on the sidewalk there are often times that the perception of safety overrides my fear of being ticketed. People that I talk to who ride on the sidewalk say that riding directly next to high speed vehicle traffic is the reason for their decision to ride on the sidewalk. Most don’t know whether it is legal or illegal to do so. It doesn’t even cross their mind, but safely arriving at their destination does.

Some cities mark the sidewalks where you are not allowed to ride.


The photo above is in the downtown core of Long Beach California. I think walking your bike in areas where a lot of people walk is a great idea. Downtown Temecula is about the only area in Temecula that riding on the sidewalk should be discouraged.

Driving on the sidewalk should be discouraged everywhere.




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