Biking Around Temecula

Once again Downtown Temecula was alive with bikes this Saturday. Many of the local cycling clubs ride through Downtown Temecula on their way to the gorgeous hills west of Temecula, but all bikes that I see Downtown are the sporty racing type. It doesn’t take long to see someone riding for their local Temecula Farmer’s Market haul. As I was riding down Front Street I spotted this guy riding on the sidewalk.

Riding to the Market

Riding to the Market

Looks like he could haul several watermelons in that rear basket. It makes me happy to see people choosing a bike for trips like this. It really is a nice way to see our city. One glaring point that this photo makes is that he definitely doesn’t feel comfortable riding with cars. Traffic was fairly light this morning and the speed limit is 25 mph, but often times people driving cars along Front Street become impatient and pass aggressively. I’ve actually been hit by a person driving a car that decided to  pass me on Front Street. This should be and could be our most bikable part of the city.

I also saw a guy out riding that I had never seen before. Slacks, a button up shirt and a nice hat! Way to go Temecula!

Dapper Rider

Dapper Rider

He was riding a nice slow pace which was nice to see. It always seems like everyone is racing around our city. It was nice to see another guy out on a leisurely ride. Don’t know where he was coming from or going to, but I appreciated the company.

On of my errands this weekend took me to Lowe’s. I had talked with the manager of Lowe’s in Temecula quite some time ago asking that they install some bike parking. I offered to help with the design and placement of the rack, but was never taken up on that offer. After many months…years really, Lowe’s has installed a bike rack. This rack isn’t new and I’ve used it in the past, but as you can see it’s far from a nice rack and the location (so close to the wall) makes it difficult to lock your bike to.

Bike Parking at Lowe's in Temecula

Bike Parking at Lowe’s in Temecula

We can do better than this!

So that’s a few photos from my weekend.

See you around Temecula!


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