Bikes and Beers

This past Saturday I headed down to San Diego for the 2nd annual Bikes and Beers. I decided to park near Balboa Park and ride down to the Quartyard, which served as the start, finish and everything in between for Bikes and Beers.

John Anderson welcoming everyone and getting us excited for our ride around San Diego.

Bikes and Beers

After leaving downtown we headed up Park Blvd. towards Balboa Park.

Riding Up Park Blvd.

We rode through Balboa Park and over the Cabrillo Bridge.

Cabrillo Bridge

 We made a right turn onto 5th Avenue where I was excited to see the new buffered bike lanes. This was my first time riding on 5th Avenue and I was really impressed with these buffered lanes. I definitely think more people will be riding in this area because of these bike lanes.

5th Ave Buffered Bike Lanes

After we made our way down past Presidio Park (sorry no photo) we were treated to the cool breeze coming off Mission Bay.

Mission bay Bike Path

When the trail along Mission Bay ends we biked through Ocean Beach and up to Sunset Cliffs. It’s so gorgeous up there, except for the chain link fence.

Sunset Cliffs

Hill Street should probably be renamed Mountain Street. So very steep!

Hill Street

Once we huffed to the top of Hill Street we relaxed on a fun decent down into Point Loma and eventually to San Diego Bay.

San Diego Skyline

Here we were waiting to make a left turn here onto Broadway. I don’t really like pretending to be a car.

Moment of Reflection

I had never ridden my bike in Downtown San Diego. So pretty and so much road space to not have some bike lanes down here!

Posse on Broadway

Finally we made it back to the Quartyard where the party was just getting started. I really needed to get home, so I headed for the hills as they say. I really enjoyed my ride around San Diego for Bikes and Beers. It was a fun social ride that was probably the most inclusive group ride I have ever been on. Plus all the proceeds went to support BikeSD, which is a great organization doing great things in San Diego.

My son swiped my Bikes and Beers sticker for his bike. I guess I better start hiding my cool stickers better or get them on my bike quicker.

See you next year Bikes and Beers!

Skuut and Beers



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