Bikes and Beers

This past Saturday I headed down to San Diego for the 2nd annual Bikes and Beers. I decided to park near Balboa Park and ride down to the Quartyard, which served as the start, finish and everything in between for Bikes and Beers. John Anderson welcoming everyone and getting us excited for our ride around … Continue reading

Biking State Street

We spent some time this summer in Santa Barbara. Here are a few people we saw on bikes, scooters and skateboards. Enjoy!

Biking Around Temecula

Once again Downtown Temecula was alive with bikes this Saturday. Many of the local cycling clubs ride through Downtown Temecula on their way to the gorgeous hills west of Temecula, but all bikes that I see Downtown are the sporty racing type. It doesn’t take long to see someone riding for their local Temecula Farmer’s … Continue reading

Is Biking Only for the Able Bodied?

Of course it isn’t, but that doesn’t stop some people from framing biking as a leisure activity that only the most able bodied among us can participate.¬†When I first started riding a bike it was due, in large part, to a couple of knee surgeries. I was an avid runner…if there is such a thing. … Continue reading

Temecula Farmers Market

We made our way to Downtown Temecula this morning for the farmers market and immediately noticed how many people we saw riding bikes. It really is a great way to see Downtown Temecula. Give it a try sometime. We spent about 15 minutes walking around the farmers market and these were some of the people … Continue reading

Under Five Thousand Miles

This year I set a goal for our family to drive less than 3,000 miles in 2012. While we didn’t quite make our goal, we did come close. If you consider that public transit is horrible and family biking is almost nonexistent it’s pretty amazing that we didn’t rack up 10,000 + miles. For 2013 … Continue reading

Halfway There

With the summer in full swing I’ve been neglecting my blog here. At the halfway point through the year we are at 2,195.1 miles. My goal of 3,000 miles for the year seems like an impossibility at this point. We shall see though. If there is one thing that is keeping me in the car … Continue reading

Week 17 Mileage

We came really close to our mileage goal for the week. I’ve averaged our miles out for the year and we need to average around 58 miles a week. This week we drove 61.4 miles. I’m hoping that the nicer weather will get us on the bike more and out of the car. We did … Continue reading

Week 16 Mileage

This week’s theme is bike parking and car (not where you should be) parking. On Saturday I headed for the farmers market in Old Town Temecula. I’ve been seeing more and more people on bikes in old town. Bike parking that rarely has one bike in it now have two regularly. I hope people, especially … Continue reading

Week 15 Mileage

Have you seen the new bike bridge over the Santa Gertrudis Creek? Really loving this bridge already. We often ride to Harveston and now we have a much safer route! No more trying to merge through two lanes of traffic just to make a left turn into Harveston. You can access this bridge directly from … Continue reading