My Madsen Has A New Home

A couple weeks ago I sold my Madsen Cycles cargo bike. I really wanted to keep the bike local and luckily I did. Check out the happy family rocking out the Madsen. SoCal has one more cargo bike family now. Let the cargo revolution begin! Advertisements

Week 15 Mileage

Have you seen the new bike bridge over the Santa Gertrudis Creek? Really loving this bridge already. We often ride to Harveston and now we have a much safer route! No more trying to merge through two lanes of traffic just to make a left turn into Harveston. You can access this bridge directly from … Continue reading

Week 7 Mileage

Have you seen the price of gas edging up these past few weeks? A couple cents a day it seems. Too rich for my blood. Couldn’t help taking a picture this morning on our way back from the grocery store. I’m guessing very few people buy the premium grade. ┬áTotal car miles for the week: … Continue reading